We believe that there are no shortcuts to success. Through discipline, motivation, fortitude, a lot of perseverance and by working smartly, it got us to where we are today.

We aim to influence your company staff to emulate these values that we firmly believe in, when it comes to their work, should we get the opportunity to interact and share our personal stories of our trials and triumphs.


We are one team with one dream. First off, we have learnt to accept and respect each other for who we are, because in order for us to do well, we need each other; high levels of communication and coordination are needed just to keep a stable boat. Whenever one of us is off-form, we do our best to bring our partner up.

Likewise, for any company to be able to achieve greatness, we need to synergize with each other. We hope that your company staff will be able to look at us, and be reminded about the importance of teamwork when achieving a common goal.


Our journey is not one that is smooth sailing. Along the way, we meet with a lot of hurdles and go through many trying times. However, we use these setbacks as springboards, as we bounce back even stronger, with the right attitude and mindset. Whenever times get hard, we remind ourselves of our ultimate goal, to help us get back on track and not let anything deter us from achieving it.

We want to encourage your company staff to be mentally tough, when facing rough situations. If we can get through our struggles with a positive mindset, so can they!

WE GIVE 100%

We put our entire mind, body and soul into this journey, as we dedicate our lives to striving for excellence.

No matter what we do, we put in full effort and pay attention even to the smallest details. After all, it is the finest details that add up and make a difference!

We intend to inculcate this kind of work ethic amongst your company staff; that no matter how big or trivial their job might be, they give it 100%.


In Singaporean culture, the common trend has always been to follow a pre-determined, tried and true path, usually somewhere along the lines of ‘good education, good degree and a stable job’.

By straying off the beaten path and aiming for Olympic glory, we set ourselves as role models not only to all young and budding athletes, male or female, but also to everyone out there. We want to show your company staff that with hard work, nothing is impossible. So, dare to dream big and aim high, for these are some of the key ingredients to great success!